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Cultus - A Seat in Valhalla (CD - RZP002)

Cultus - A Seat in Valhalla (RZP002)

Second Runenzauber release! Reissue of the originally on tape released album. Every song was remixed with enhanced sound quality! In addition some parts were rerecorded and five (!) bonus tracks were added. Monotonous, but charged with emotions Black metal from the Netherlands! Imagine standing on the top of a mountain while the wind is blowing and you're hearing mourning voices in the storm! That's the atmosphere making CULTUS incomparable!
In collaboration with Heidens Hart - limited to 1000 pieces
Sample: De Nachdtwaler

The Martyrium - Sturmböen (CD - RZP001)

The Martyrium - Sturmböen (RZP001)

After the two works Einsamkeit and Verachtung, this is the first official album of THE MARTYRIUM on Runenzauber Produktionen. THE MARTYRIUM offer partly melancholic, partly aggressive, but always melodic interpretations of german Black metal, that despite it's individual and diversified touch of the THE MARTYRIUM style always stays connected to it's genre's origin. Thus keyboards just take part in the outro. The rest of the partly epic tracks carries the listener on wings of cold winter winds above a world which can just be viewed with abhorrence. The worship of past times and also the hate for modern un-society is omnipresent and takes the listener into a world of darkness and extreme emotions...
Whoever wants to drop himself completely in melodic und intensive Black metal can discover that feeling with this release!
Limited to 500 pieces - SOLD OUT!

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